Trivial Pursuits or The Search For Sanity

I’ve come to the realization that it’s easier to post nonsense that might actually be read than to labour over thoughtful posts which will never be read.

In the spirit of fun, triviality, and the search for sanity I will go forth and blog the nonsense that is daily life.



2011: My Year of Can-Do

As I’ve gotten older, I increasingly tire of saying I don’t know how to do things or that I cannot do them. Just this afternoon, during a normal conversation with my mom, something inside my head snapped as she said something about some folks not knowing how to do the simplest of tasks… I decided that I would no longer allow myself to say without first trying that I can’t do something.

Apart from this, I had already begun to align my thoughts in such a manner that I would make the coming year the starting point of allowing myself to experiment further in the fields of my interest. I’m fully ready for some ventures to do what they must from time to time, fail.  I also, and more readily am anticipating the broadening of my artistic scope.

Here’s a short list of things which I am either already dabbling for the first time or else am about to. [There are several more, but these are the top of the heap pursuits]

  • Screenwriting [I have the basic plot outline for my first short film script]
  • Model Making [Haven’t seriously tried it since I was thirteen or so]
  • Authoring a film opinion/review blog [it’s registered, and am about to write the introductory post]
  • Write a collection of Science Fiction stories that don’t involve warfare or bizarre aliens.
  • Gain a better understanding of filmmaking [possibly try my hand at it?]
  • Learn more about both Classical and Jazz music [two genres which I enjoy greatly but know little about]

Why do we allow ourselves to be short-comed by our own reluctance to try and/or learn new things? Well, I for one am planning some major changes in that area. Why not join me and enrich your own life?

Until 2011.


Writing in Spurts: Connecting the Disjointed

This morning while out for an earlier than usual walk, I started piecing together a short character sketch. Pad in hand, I wrote what came to me and decided to make it a single flow, not scribbled as separate thoughts or points.  Turns out that it actually helped me to piece things together in an interesting way. Yes, I had details about the person jumbled with scenery, but it made piecing the story together quite fun. Though, I’m not quite finished it was only the opening bit and establishing a tone that happened this morning, but I have what I feel is a solid starting point.

Maybe in the earliest stages of a story I need to think not so much in the linear train of events, but more in the “as it comes to me” jumble of notes and bits.

I honestly think I learned something about myself today.


What Shall We Talk About?

Is it humorous that each time I approach the concept of blogging, I have different ideas of what I want accomplished by said blog?

Is it even more humorous [delusional?] to expect to accomplish different things with one blog?

Sometimes, or more to the point, most of the time I feel that the scope of my writing interests are so spread that I become overwhelmed by the thought of combining them into one stream.

Perhaps my mind and creative process would be better served by establishing a few blogs, each dedicated to a single concept.

As a quick example, for some time I’ve wanted to create a sort of daily life blog mainly for my own amusement. Yet at the same time, I would like to blog about the movies and television which mean something to me.  Yes, I could combine the two concepts, but both would suffer by stifling the depth of the other.

At any rate, I am kicking around the idea of creating at least one more blog by the new year… and sticking with at least semi-regular updates. Preferably once a week or so.

An Unending Cycle of Neglect

Why do I feel the need to blog? Do I suffer from delusions that my posts will be read by many and make a profound impact?

No, and there enter the feelings of  pointlessness and self aggrandizement.

Recently, I was given an iPod Touch and have discovered that I like a small measure of  technological advancement in my daily life. I’ve been able to watch television shows via the Netflix App, rekindle my dead desires to post on Twitter. Now the thought of blogging has re-entered my mind.

Consider this my warning post.